Group FAQs

How many people do we need to be a ‘Group’

We have worked with groups as small as 15 travelers and as many as 500. In all cases, we do all we can to offer the most affordable trips with the most inclusions providing the most memorable travel experience possible

What kinds of groups does GTC work with?

For more than 15 years we have focused on the Fine Arts Departments at schools but we have also handled family reunions, church groups and sport teams. Call us at (800) 829-8841 or email us at and we will be glad to walk you through the process.

Does GTC charge for trip proposals?

We never have and never will. We are glad to spend time with you learning about you, your group, your trip goals, and your budget. We are happy to send you a no-obligation trip proposal and sample itinerary.

Financial FAQs

Does GTC Price Match?

When comparing ‘apples to apples’ we usually have the most affordable travel package and we do everything possible to offer the best price. There are companies out there with even lower package prices BUT we suggest you are careful and compare hotel quality/location, package inclusions, and if they include on-site company staff.

Deposits and Payments

Are Deposits Refundable?

No. In order to lock in all the trip elements, once we receive deposits from the group we submit those deposits to various vendors. As such, initial trip deposits are non-refundable regardless of the reason an individual might cancel their trip.

Are Trip Payments Refundable?

Before Final Cancellation Date…Yes

All trips have a deposit date, multiple payment dates and a final cancellation date.

If an individual or group cancels prior to the final cancellation date, all payments made (except the initial non-refundable deposit) are refundable. Any cancellations must be made in writing and send to us prior to the final cancellation dates.

After Final Cancellation Date…No

If an individual or group cancels after the final cancellation date, all deposits and payments made are forfeited and the traveler is responsible for payment of the travel package.

How much are your deposits?

Deposits Types:
Land Package: The land deposit is $75 per traveler and is non-refundable.
Motor Coach Deposit: The charter coach deposit is $75 per traveler and is non-refundable.
Airfare Deposit: Depending on the airline, the airfare deposit will range between $75 – $150 per traveler and is non-refundable.
Broadway Show Tickets: All Broadway Show tickets are payable in full at the time of booking and are non-refundable once purchased.

Example: If a group contracts both the land and charter coach package with us, the initial deposit would be a total of $150 deposit per person.

Does GTC offer Trip Protection?

Yes. Trip Protection is something that every group member should be aware of and have the option to purchase. At GTC we highly recommend trip protection and offer trip protection through Travel Insured International and share this information with every group leader.
Please note:

  • The travel protection we offer is available to all our groups, however, in order to take advantage of the group protection plans, 10 or more group members must purchase and pay for a protection plan.
  • Although we offer Travel Insured Trip Protection Plans, you are not required to purchase this protection from us or through Travel Insured. Feel free to contact us at the office with any questions about coverages.
Does GTC accept purchase orders as a form of payment?

We do not accept purchase orders as a form of payment. GTC accepts organizational checks, direct deposit, ACH, VISA/Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cashier checks/money orders. To make a payment via credit card please contact our office at (800) 829-8841.

Does GTC accept payments online?

Yes. When beginning the planning process, we are able to create a private group payment portal for the group to make payments, set up and submit their room list, and view past and future payments. Although very convenient for the traveling group members, there could be unforeseen challenges that should be considered. The online payment option is discussed in greater detail on our Online Payments page.

Transportation FAQs

Does GTC handle transportation for groups?

Absolutely. We arrange charter motor coaches, local transfer coaches, and commercial or private air travel in/to destinations across the USA.

What is included in the motor coach quote you provided?

When groups contract with GTC to arrange for the charter motor coach, ALL FEES (parking, tolls, drivers’ hotel rooms, transportation, and any potential fuel surcharge) IS included in the rate.

The only thing NOT included is the driver’s gratuity which the group would give the driver after receiving quality service.

How much is the typical gratuity for drivers?

A rule of thumb for good service is roughly $2 per passenger per day. On overnight trips where multiple drivers are involved, this gratuity is normally given to the driver that provides the service to the group at their destination. There may be relief drivers and it is at the discretion of the group to tip these drivers any amount you deem suitable.

Why has the cost for charter motor coaches gone up so much?

After discussing this with several motor coach operators, there are several reasons the costs have risen dramatically since pre-Covid which include:

1. FUEL COSTS: The cost of diesel needed for the operation of the coaches has increased at rates much faster than inflation.

2. DRIVERS: The pandemic and associated mandates encouraged many drivers to either find other places to drive or simply retire. Drivers are in short supply and those that are driving are at much higher costs to the coach companies.

3. VEHICLE INVENTORY: When the pandemic began, many coach companies sold a portion of their fleets in order to stay solvent. As such, many coach companies are operating with 75% less vehicles than they had pre-Covid.

4. SUB-OUTS: Pre-Covid, many coach companies would sub out (hire affiliated coach companies) to handle smaller jobs so that they could fulfill requests for long-haul charters. Since then, many of the smaller companies have closed and the larger operators do not have the inventory to handle all the business.

5. INFLATION: As many individuals have experienced, inflation has recently accelerated and the cost of all businesses to open their doors every day continues to increase.