A BRIEF HISTORY: After several years of learning the details of the Student Tour industry, John DeCrotie started GTC in 2004. A family-owned business with a focus on learning the very unique and individual needs of each group he works with, John grew this fledgling business into what it is today.


There are many options available to group leaders when they decide to take their groups on a trip. We are fortunate to have them reach out to us and give us the opportunity to serve them.


Too often companies are glad to talk at the customer about their products, but they don’t take the time to hear what the clients actually want. We are here to listen and learn about what you and the group desire for the trip.


We do NOT have any salespeople…we are consultants. Whether this is a group leader’s first time traveling or they have a career of trips under their belts, destinations are always changing. It is our job and pleasure to consult and make suggestions about their trips by offering ways to enhance the experience for all the group members.


Every one of our staff has either been a band, choir or theater parent (or student). We know all about the trip fundraising that needs to take place to include as many students as possible. We also are well aware that the budget can be a deal breaker. As such, we work for the group to include as much as possible in the travel experience in the most economical way possible.