Celebrating 20 Years Serving Groups!

Since August 2004, hundreds of groups and many thousands of students have enjoyed organized, affordable, escorted and memorable trips to dozens of destinations across the USA and beyond.

treating others like family

It is important to us that every member of our traveling groups feel as though they, not only received a great value, but that they also felt like they were part of a big family … and that is because they ARE!

john & laurie decrotie

After working for another tour operator for 5 years, John went on to work for a major Orlando theme park. For 5 years, he rebuilt and managed their performance program for visiting schools performing groups.

Those 10 years provided him the experience needed and opportunity to start Group Travel Consultants in 2004.

Within a year of starting GTC, John asked his wife Laurie to assist with the financials and accounting in the company. Although she was and still remains an RN, it wasn’t long before Laurie to see the great value in what GTC provided its groups and the amazing experiences we can have a part in. She left her role as a nurse and came on full time.